We do often see dead fish on coasts? especially in Urban areas, Coastal cities, near industries and reactors. Such incidents create a great concern in neighborhoods, for environmentalists and communities.

What would be the reason behind this mass death of fishes? sometimes it is termed as red the tide! People in Government and science institutes had been failed in providing accurate information to people. The possible causes of the mass death of so much marine life include such type of parasites, pathogens, chemical pollution, waste from fracking, toxic industrial waste, poisonous sprays and fertilizers used by agriculture and forestry sector, and a newly-installed tidal energy turbine, cooling water from industries and nuclear reactors located on the waterfronts and sometimes it could be the climate change.

Many of these potential causes could also be hazardous to human health and living so it’s imperative that we understand what is happening? Such factors destroying marine or freshwater life could be very dangerous for the human being as well.

Local leaders, politicians, administration, decision makers have mostly remained silent on the marine life, freshwater life, and ecosystem degradation crisis. They responsible institutes are offering very little or no public information at all or any investigations on such incidents.

These factors or such type of incidents are basically the indication that we are living in the disaster zone and in part of the most degraded ecosystem or areas.

To avoid such incidents better management tactics and plans are required as to protect the marine and freshwater life and environment. The healthy environment and ecosystems are the basic rights of life and everyone has this right to live in a healthy environment.