​We together can stop them from killing our kids,  destroying our societies and looting our resources

Thank you for supporting my family in the time of grief. May Allah keep you and your families safe from such mishaps and incidents. I will not stop here but will keep seeking your support against those bad/sick/ elements/souls destroying us slowly and gradually. 

I would only like to request you please stand up against these corrupt people, institutions and political parties and  ill/weak systems destroying us all together.

Together we can change everything. 

Let us unite for accessing combine benefits. At any price we shall not support individuals (MNAs, MPAs and Beaurocrates). Only we should extend support to better governance, systems and mechanisms and that is the way to create  a better welfare state. 

We altogether can stop them from killing our kids,  destroying our societies and looting our resources.  

Please think 1000 times before you move out of your home to vote them. Choose servants of society not thieves, thugs, masked camelion skinned pirates. 

Ask questions again and again from yourselves.  

Why should you vote these robbers, corrupt leaders, illiterate sick minds, feudals, Waderas, Sardars and Maliks, Ex-personals. 

Are they worth for your vote.

Really they are representing you? 

They are public servants? 

Each time they have delivered on your vote? 

Are they developing this country?

Is economy improving?

Everyone has equal access to facilities?

Prices are not escalating?

Life style of common person is improving?

Money is not devaluing?

Common person has equal business opportunities?

Poverty index is reducing?

Environment is improving?

Budget is equally distributed for greater benefit of public?

Employment is on merit?

Everyone has access to better health, communication, transport facilities?

Governors are not violating Constitution?

Everyone has easy access to speedy justice?

Government officials are serving not looting public and resources?

Food prices and quality is not compromised?

Everyone’s child has equal education facilities on minimal expenditure?

And suicidal and crime rate is negligible inside the country?

Systems working well & not favoring any personal agenda?

You will find quick answers from your subconscious, please listen and understand it.  

And change the world, you can change everything around you with your will and power.

Don’t forget about your power, about your position. Don’t compromise.

Raise your hand and flag for constituting a welfare state for all.