The Poor healthcare system of Sindh established by Ex-CM Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Secretary Health, and MNA the former District Nazim Nafeesa Shah killed my newborn Son at Khairpur. Serving CM is equally responsible.

Political influence and appointments killing our kids and sustainable development concept. I demand Justice for my innocent child from Prime Minister, Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan and Cheif Justice of Sindh High court. I demand record (video and file) for further investigation. Your support will save many lives in future

Dr. Rasheeda Kheemto did not attend my child and my wife well in her private hospital at Pir Jo Goth. Dr. Bushra Ramejo duty doctor did not turn up to monitor and treat my child and Dr. Ali Nawaz phulpoto according internal sources who is not actually a child specialist was in child ward on duty for full night.

Only 10 Incubators have been placed for kids of district. The night my child got admission 20 children were lying in open without incubators. Dr. Rasheeda Khemto at Pir Jo Goth operated and handled delivery in very unhygienic conditions at her home inside government compound. She handled delivery in absence of ventilators, incubators and necessary equipment which aggravated situation both for my kid and wife. Government Taluka Hospital Pir Jo Goth at distance of 100 ft had no sufficient equipment to handle the situation. Doctors lobby operating private clinics at Pir Jo Goth are ignoring basic health principles and mostly treat patients in inhuman way and prescribe sub-standard medicines most of time. Dr Rasheeda went away did not pay any attention my child for a single moment and my wife was left unattended as well after charging fee. My family complained about the aggravating situation but she ignored saying that consult some other doctors and she had patients to check.

Looking at the severity of condition my family rushed to the nearest local Paediatrist Mr. Ghulam Akbar Kanhar who provided initial treatment and referred my child to private hospitals of Dr. Khalohora and Dr. Gajani but they also ignored and did not accommodate my child. We wanted to avail better facility in some other city but our child was in need to avail some relief before traveling to some other place.

My family accessed government hospital and my child got a place in incubator at Lady reading hospital. As I was away and was traveling at the same time I was so much worried about my newborn. My family and I was worried and were continuously following up with Doctors but they did not provide us any clear advice on the condition of child and if the facilities were not sufficient they must have advised/referred us to some other hospital but they did not. I could have managed air ambulance for saving life of my kid. Instead of that Doctor Ali Nawaz told me your kid is in safe hand and pray for him. Dr. Bushara duty doctor remained absent for the whole time and Doctor Ali Nawaz who is not specialist along with 2 nurses were looking after admitted kids. Dr and his staff attitude was very rude to my family and they getting angry on family on inquiry instead of providing moral support to the affected family.

img_20161121_125341When I arrived in morning 6.30 am November 21, 2016. observed Dr. Ali Nawaz on duty with a male nurse. I went straight to see my child who was inside the incubator. I noticed machine was off and lights were also off. I inquired from Doctor Ali Nawaz, he replied incubator is on. It did not satisfy me and I asked again and he replied we have switched off lights. Inquired reason but he was silent other two near incubators were working with lights on.

Except placing my newborn in the incubator, no other treatment was provided. Attention, care and treatment may have saved his life. A nurse was cleaning children (30) in one go without washing her hands. She appeared after one hours.Observed a child who was bleeding from the mouth, she cleaned child with tissue without wearing gloves and she went on cleaning and changing pampers of other children without washing hands or wearing gloves. My child was fifth in row when after bleeding child was lying in open out of 30 kids the 20 were lying in open. I agitated on this situation. Dr Ali Nawaz forced me to leave according to him I can’t observe my kid further and I must leave. img_20161121_134357

When I returned at 11.30 am to see my newborn in ward. Nurse informed your kid had expired 15 minutes before. This news shocked me I asked how and what happened to my child. They told me Doctor has declared him dead. I said I need to talk to Doctor; nurse replied no you can’t because Doctor has left and Dr.Kamran Shahani who is hospital incharge will arrive after lunch you can discuss with him. I requested if i can see file of my child they replied no you cant, Doctor has locked it.

This is sad story of my son who arrived in this world and his life ended because of carelessness, attitudes, egos, mismanagement, corruption, political influence.

Please ask them how they are eligible and using our tax money for getting facilities inside country, and abroad and why our kids are dying.

I am going to pursue this and I need strong support from you.